Aurora borealis forecast and livestream

We monitor the sky 24/7 for you, so that your Northern Lights holiday is as good as possible. If you are not planning a Northern Lights vacation, you may be lucky enough to win your dream vacation, in our monthly draw. 

Pay attention to our prediction symbol. It shows you in a very simple way how good the chance is to see aurora.

Enjoy live streams and photos of the Aurora Borealis taken at the most beautiful places worldwide.

Forecast & Alerting system

We have developed an easy-to-understand aurora forecast system. The values are based on scientific measurements, weather and lighting conditions. Our prediction symbol shows the possibility for aurora sightings. Realtime aurora detection and alerting is available for all subscribers

Map updates every minute. The green area / lines are the position of the Northern Lights in the present. Cameras that are within the dark area can show the northern lights if other conditions are good.

Where to go for aurora borealis and what to do

Northern lights holiday at featured locations

Aurora live weekly present FEATURED accommodations, activity providers and destination companies, from different countries and regions.


Planning your trip can be hard. Understanding the aurora and night sky can be even harder. We are trying to make this easier and clearer on your way of exploration

Aurora Borealis Forecast And Livestream – Enjoy The Most Innovative Northern Lights Streaming And Aurora Forecast Service.