NASA create strange glow over Norway to study aurora

NASA create strange glow

NASA create strange glow: On April 5th 2019 the sky of Northern Norway lit up with a mysterious glow in the sky that took everyone by surprise! Aliens??

Sorry to disappoint all conspiracy theorists or movie director but it was NOT aliens! However the experience really was otherworldly. I was on the road to the observatory after picking up the last guests of the season. I saw two bright yellow objects launching in the midnight sky over the mountains. I knew then it could only be rocket launching from Andøya Space Center 3 hours away from Senja. When we arrived at the observatory a few minutes later, as we got out of the car, an odd bright glow caught my eye. Blue, purple and green dots were exploding in the night sky and it caused our jaws to drop on the snow.

NASA create strange glow

That’s when I realized that the rockets launched a few minutes earlier had spawned this quite colorful show. After exploding the dots of colors drifted in the sky but stayed visible for about an hour.

It was the NASA’s AZURE mission team who successfully launched 2 sounding rockets back-to-back.They released clouds of glowing tracers into the upper atmosphere (the background green is the real aurora though) to study and track the flow of neutral and charged particles in the ionosphere. Each dot is at a different altitude and notice they migrate at a different speed and direction! I recorded everything on time-lapse from Senja island over the course of the evening on Canon 6D and Sigma 14mm f1.8. Here’s the mind-boggling timelapse:


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