A magical show for the start of the aurora season!

a magical show

A magical show for the start of the aurora season! It’s northern lights time! Our 2019-2020 season at the aurora borealis observatory has just begun. Needless to say that one more time, the Green Lady did not disappoint…


We have been waiting for the colorful sky to return since April. Now it is official: the aurora borealis season has kicked off over the observatory. We opened our doors to booking customers on August 24th.  Since then, we’ve had some aurora displays. However they were dimmed out by the still very bright twilight. If you have never been in the Arctic at this time of the year, you would know that it is possible to see the lights but there is no nighttime per se just yet.


The start of September generally offers darker nights to observe the aurora, and that’s usually when we start getting more guests. For this first week of September, we were actually fully booked as the colors of Fall are just starting to pop out.


the colors of fall

The colors of Fall starting to show together with stunning sunsets and completely still water


On September 7th, something magical happened for the first time this year. As one of the most powerful geomagnetic storm was hitting Earth for several days, the lights appeared in a very unexpected fashion. That night, the auroral activity was just forecast to be moderate. However here in the North, you never know what you’re going to get, especially because the shows we get happen all the time without much solar input.

a magical show

Around 10pm, the aurora started to show itself in its usual manner


From 9pm till around 12am, the aurora manifested itself in its ‘usual’ form: fain green bands slowly moving across the sky. Even that sight was a relief for our guests and ourselves, as we had been unusually overcast for several days. I was personally thinking that it would stay that way the whole night. As I was telling our guests stories about the aurora right outside the apartment building, the aurora was slowly moving southwards across the sky. I told our guests that it was a good sign. Generally speaking, if the aurora moves south, it means that the activity picks up and that we might get a very good show. We call them substorms, giving those magnificent explosions of colors and rapid dances.


the live studio

It is like a slingshot. As the aurora pulls southwards, it is bound to ‘snap’ back to the North. As it does so, it unleashes a real spectacle. And it sure did! For the first time this season, the aurora burst into a quite bright show. It wasn’t as colorful as it can possibly be, but everyone, including all our staff was awe-struck and spell-bound. How it felt great and accomplished to see the return of the light dance again in our Arctic sky.


To quote one of our guests that night: ‘I can’t believe what I just witnessed. To be quite honest, I had been rather skeptical about how well you can see the colors in the sky until now. I came with my husband from New-Zealand especially for that, and we had been trying several times before at other places without success. However this is precisely what we wanted and it more than exceeded our expectations. You HAVE to see it in real-life, it’s even better than in the photos’.

a magical show

One of our guests witnessing one of the most beautiful natural show in her life!


It sure looks like this season will be full with aurora and surprises again. As of right now, if you want to experience the Fall on Senja island while watching the aurora, this is the time! So make sure you check out our website to see what we offer, as we still have a few vacancies. So hop on a last-minute trip to experience the lights at our magical place!


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