Best of 2018: Hear it from our guests!

Best of 2018

Best of 2018: Hear it from our guests! In 2019 we received the very prestigious certificate of excellence from TripAdvisor thanks to an overwhelming number of excellent reviews following our first season. Among the best reviews, we thought we’d share some passages that might help you make up your mind about booking at the observatory!

amazing website

The transparency of our website


Since the aurora is a very mysterious phenomenon, and because we are perched really high up north, it’s our number one priority to have a very transparent website. What you book is what you get, and more! We simply put everything you need to know to plan your stay with us, in a very easy-to-understand way!


‘Learned about this place through social media and followed their postings and activities for a few months. Loving what I saw, I visited their website and found very extensive descriptions of their property, the logistics of going there and other activities they offer besides viewing the Aurora. Everything you need to know is in the site

weetie said: ow is in the site«ay with us, in a very easy’e. What you book is what you get, and more! We simply put everything ’.


Our responsiveness and care to the customers


We attach a particular importance to customer service and even way before you even make to the decision to book with us. We strive to be as responsive as possible on and off screen. We always answer as many questions as possible, and when you book with us, we take very good care of you. We help you with anything you need to know, especially when arriving, departing, and while on location. Here are few testimonies that can attest of that:


‘Anders and his family are very accommodating and will do anything to make your stay a wonderful experience’.

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‘I wrote to the owner, Anders, re a few questions about our planned visit and was happy to receive a very immediate reply. He was quite attentive and accommodating which made me feel assured my husband and I are in good hands.’


Our facilities

relaxing under the stars


Our facilities are the core of the experience and we always try to improve them. They’re a blend of modern design, comfort, sustainability and practicality.


‘What stands out most about this property is it’s unique location creating the sense of a wonderland as it is private, clean, has state of the art equipment lik a full in-room kitchen, glass insulated igloos and jacuzzis. This makes for a comfortable stay as you search for the aurora borealis shows through the night with leisure and a friendly team to guide you around.’


‘The apartments were tastefully decorated with heated tile floors – which were a great touch after coming in from the cold… the bathrooms were quite large with great water pressure and a modern feel..very comfortable beds…the living rooms all face the most picturesque landscape with a pretty (lake?) and beautiful snow covered mountains with wooded areas all around … the sunrise was always this peachy-pink color that was just breathtaking. We spent hours just sitting in the living room taking it all in’.


Our activities and always here at your service


Our staff will take good care of you when not watching the aurora at night. Whether you choose to chill out, take a walk, go to town or participate in the myriad of activities we offer, you will be in good hands!

amazing view

‘Anders and Adrien are authentic, passionate about the place, the Husky Place is a MUST TRY for anybody visiting the place. I travelled all of the world, this is and will always one of my favorite places. It has all of the characteristics of 21st century experience : it is authentic, natural, amazing and it is the making of nature that noone can copy ! You need to “feel the place” with all of your body, then you know what it is, but only then!’


‘From then on we were in the capable hands of Adrien, the onsite guide, professional photographer, piano player and all-around great guy. He gave us the lay of the land, drove us to the grocery store for supplies and was a complete fountain of information. Adrien messaged us via WhatsApp whenever the aurora was about to start, and was just on-hand to help is with everything. He gave us and some other guests a tour of Senja, taking us to his favourite remote locations and restaurant. It was amazing! So perfect! We learnt so much about the island, enough to fall completely in love with it. Thank You!


The aurora at the observatory


We are have one of the best locations in the world to watch the aurora. This is because of our place in the auroral oval (in the middle of where the aurora is created) and a microclimate which keeps most clouds at bay. This has led to a staggering 90%+ success rate on 4+ nights spent at the observatory last year!


‘we were lucky to have the aurora 2 of the nights we were there .. you could watch from your living room if you didn’t want to go outside, but we split our time between running around the property.. laying on our backs in the snow… sitting in the actual observatory .. and sitting in the jacuzzi – it was one of the most magical experiences I have had in my entire life.’


‘The aurora: what can I say!? Simply incredible. Nothing could have prepared me for the beauty of those dancing lights. I definitely caught a few of the guests wiping their eyes. The pictures you see online cannot ever do justice to it.’

best of 2018

Some awesome general remarks!


Just because our guests are awesome, here are a couple more general remarks from the tripadvisor reviews:


‘Summary- just do this trip. After a ton of research, I do believe senja is the place to be. I will definitely be back. The owner is deeply passionate about sharing this wonder, and gives a personal touch to the experience.’

best of 2018

‘What an amazing find! Such an opportunity to step out of everyday hustle and bustle into the serenity of a winter wonderland that is Senja. The Aurora Borealis Observatory is a stunning location offering the peace and tranquillity only found deep within the natural world. We found it to be a deeply restorative few days. Nothing was too much trouble for our hosts, we were taken on a tour of the island by our guide Adrian that was totally breathtaking and enriched by his local knowledge and passion for the island.
The icing on the cake has to be the heavenly aurora display we witnessed on Friday night along with other guests. Words cannot adequately describe the spellbinding light dance that continually unfolded around us in the clear starlit sky, leaving us feeling blessed and privileged to have been a part of such a spectacle.’

winter wonderland


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Our own prediction symbol shows the possibility for aurora sightings. The values are based on scientific measurements, weather and lighting conditions. E.g if it is dark, a clear sky and good solar activity it will calculate higher possibilities for an aurora sighting. Values are none, low, good or high.
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