The Observatory 2019-2020: What to expect

The observatory

The Observatory season 2019-2020: What to expect. 2018-2019 was our first season and it went well beyond our expectations. But 2019-2020 will be even better! Here’s what to expect if you book your next aurora adventure with us this upcoming season.


When we look back at our first season at the Aurora Borealis Observatory, we can but feel a sentiment of pride and accomplishment. Under a year ago, the ‘resort’ was only a lounge. In the span of three months, we managed to build a fully functional resort capable of accommodating guests from around the world with the only purpose of seeing the beautiful aurora borealis in one of the best locations in the world. It worked better than we could ever have hoped! About 95% our customers were extremely happy with their stay and we just received the 2019 Trip Advisor certificate of excellence today, as a token of people’s gratitude.

Chillin under the aurora

Here’s a recap of what we offered in 2018-2019. You were able to book one of our luxury apartments located in a brand new Norwegian building. The view from the apartment is one of the best in Lapland. The facility had a fully-equipped kitchen so you could either make your own food or eat at the restaurants in town. Breakfast was included and served in our restaurant at the old barn. You were able to participate in our daily activities such as a tour of the island or a husky experience. At night you were able to either wait for the aurora in the room or in our glass domes. You were also notified when the aurora was in the sky so no one missed the show. You had access to free amenities such as skis, snowshoes, a tipi (annex to the restaurant) and two large hot tubs where you could relax from your Arctic day. Adrien and Anders made sure that you had all you needed on a daily basis!

The observatory apartment view

View from the apartment


In 2019-2020, there will be four major improvements in the overall experience that we offer.

New Luxury suites/full houses


In addition to the six apartments that we already have, we are adding three extra facilities to our resort. The apartments can only accommodate up to three people. In 2018 we received a lot of requests asking if people could come with more people, like larger families or friend groups. We thought it was an excellent idea, so we opened three new suites.


The first one is a larger luxury apartment with own patio and Jacuzzi, still on the same amazing view. The two others are full houses to accommodate even bigger groups. They both have several rooms, lounges, kitchen, bathrooms and more!

the old farm house

The old farm house is now open for booking!


The activity house and surroundings

The barn area will become the new activity house. Outside, our rustic tipi will serve as an exhibition room that you can visit. On occasion, we will offer presentations about the aurora to immerse our guests in the world of aurora.

The whole second and third floors of our barn, which weren’t used at all last season, will be completely renovated. The second floor will hold a small souvenir shop at the entrance and a big lounge where you will be able to come and relax at. We want to make sure that our guests don’t get bored during the few cloudy nights that we have, so we will get the internet, TV screens, game consoles, pool boards, etc… The whole roof will be transformed into a glass roof. The third floor will be integrated into it so that when you are at the top, you will be in a real aurora observatory where you can wait and gaze at the aurora from. We will also hold different venues in this new 360 glass panorama. It will really feel like you can touch the aurora from up there!

The restaurant in the barn

The restaurant


As we want our guests to get an even better Arctic experience, we will also bring some changes to our restaurant on the first floor of the barn. You will have access to an even larger breakfast area, which will still be included in the price. However since we will accommodate more guests, we will open the restaurant at all time and offer the possibility to eat the other meals at the barn. We will hire a Norwegian chef that will prepare simple but local and tasty dishes for you to enjoy. From the restaurant, you will also be able to climb up the new set of stairs leading to the activity floors.

Breakfast area

More activities!

In 2019-2020, the observatory will at least offer the same set of activities as the previous season. However we will integrate new ones to give even more choice to our guests. A new ice and sea fishing package will we available throughout the season (depending on the weather and the ice of course). We will also provide more photography workshops, along with presentations from our resort manager Adrien. His wide knowledge of science and the surrounding nature will help you learn more about the aurora. On clear night without much aurora, you will also be able to attend open-sky conferences where Adrien makes you discover the night sky and its fascinating stories. More focus will be put on hikes and snowshoe tours as well, either from the observatory or from specific places around the island.

the observatory activities

We are already getting very excited about all these changes, which are happening right now at our resort! We are already 40% booked for next season and we are filling up fast. But it is not too late to book your next delightful Arctic adventure at our resort, so make your way to to find out more. We are looking forward to welcoming you.


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