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30 years of Hubble – Amazing Results

30 Years of Hubble: This year we are celebrating NASA Hubble Space telescope’s 30 years anniversary. Hubble has been revolutionizing

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Closest black hole

Closest Black Hole to Earth

Closest Black Hole to Earth: Black holes are one of the most mysterious objects out in space and something that captures the imagination

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Hubble – most incredible pictures of Nebulae

Hubble – Dive into Hubble’s most incredible pictures of nebulae Cover. Credits: PxFuel   This year we are celebrating the …

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Bioluminescence – creatures that glow at night

  credits Wikicommons   Bioluminescence – Those creatures that glow at night. As we are still making the discovery of …

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Aurora borealis Norway

Geomagnetic Storm of 1921 – New York Times

Geomagnetic Storm of 1921. It has been 99 years since the largest geomagnetic storm of the 20th century. Even reported in the New York Times

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Chile a trendy destination

Chile a trendy destination for astrotourism

Chile: a trendy destination for astrotourism. The booming of astrotourism. With the ever-worsening quality of our planet’s night sky due to light pollution

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extreme red aurora

Can we really see aurora colors with the naked eye?

Can we really see aurora colors with the naked eye? While we are preparing for a new aurora season at the observatory let’s debunk a huge misconception

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Chillin under the aurora

The Observatory 2019-2020: What to expect

The Observatory 2019-2020: What to expect. 2018-2019 was our first season and it went well beyond our expectations.But 2019-2020 will be even better!

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