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starlink scandal

The SpaceX Starlink satellite scandal

The SpaceX Starlink satellite scandal: Space X company has recently started launching thousands of satellite trains in orbit for instant internet access

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pictures vs reality

Pictures vs Reality: Can pictures represent reality?

Pictures vs Reality: Is photography ever an art or always art? This debate has been raging ever since the invention …

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Crazy speed

Moon and Aurora: friends or enemies?

Moon and Aurora: Earth’s own natural satellite and the aurora borealis are the two major sources of light brightening up …

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incoming meteor shower

Incoming meteor shower could produce huge fireballs

Incoming meteor shower: The Eta Aquarids meteor shower has been very active and peaks on the 5-6th of May! Here’s …

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Milky way core season

Milky way core season is peaking – Are you ready ?

Milky way core season is peaking: As summer months are upon us, the brightest part of our home galaxy will …

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green flash in the sky

Green flash in the sky – amazing phenomena

Green flash in the sky: If you’re also a fan of Disney’s famous pirates saga featuring Johnny Depp in the …

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Why choose the ABO

Why choose the ABO as your next destination

Why choose the ABO as your next destination: The aurora borealis observatory has just received the 2019 certificate of excellence …

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A reindeer in Hong Kong

A reindeer in Hong Kong

A reindeer in Hong Kong: Our reindeer Reinulf was the guest of honor in Hong Kong over the weekend! The …

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