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We are a family-owned company and have been leading our northern lights tours in the north of Finland for already 5 seasons. Our location is ideal to chase the Aurora Borealis. We are located in Utsjoki, 450km North of the Arctic Circle, where you can often see the Northern Lights even if the activity remains low.

Watch the aurora dance across the sky from the comfort of your cosy cottage or around a warming fire. Waiting in the cold for the Northern Lights to appear? Not with us! We have a private, wooden gazebo with a fireplace right outside your cottages on the riverbank, with an open and clear view towards the north. It is ideal to stay warm, enjoy some local delicacies and listen to stories from our guides about the area, all this while you wait for the lights.

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Enjoy our activities:

Sami Experience

Join us on a trip to the Sami Museum in Varangerbotn to learn more about the culture and history of the Coastal Sami in the Varangerfjord area.

Snowmobile Trip

If you have ever wanted to take a trip to the top of the fells and see the beautiful and vast landscape of the Finnish Lapland in the winter, this trip is for you. Together with experienced snowmobile guides from TenoSafarit, we will take you to see the arctic wilderness on snowmobiles.

Husky Adventure

The husky adventure we will take you to is a little different from most. Instead of a set path that you go around once or twice, Dag Broch from Tana Bru in Norway, one of Norway’s leading husky sled drivers, will take you into the Norwegian wilderness with his team of Alaskan huskies.

Aurora Chase

If the weather is not clear at our cottages, we will chase the northern lights in our comfortable van. Our Northern Lights tours are NOT limited by time or distance. As much as seeing the Northern Lights can never be guaranteed because it is a natural phenomenon, we will always go above and beyond to try and make it happen.

Ivalo in Finland and Kirkenes in Norway
Utsjoki is the name of both the municipality and the village where we are located
All year but Aurora Season is most popular
No need, we pick you up when you arrive
Small groups
  • We only offer small group tours so it will never be too crowded and you get to enjoy everything the surrounding nature has to offer in peace.
  • Our holidays & activities have no minimum bookings or set time limit
We go the extra mile
  • Literally! Our Northern Lights chases are NOT limited by time or distance.
Professional & Approachable Staff
  • We are there for you. We offer professional guidance during all activities
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  • Aurora Holidays
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  • +358 40 7625 005
  • Mäkeläntie 2
  • Utsjoki
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  • Finland
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