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Do you run a hotel, are you a travel company or do you have great activities?
Then register your company at AURORA live now for better visibility.
AURORA live has the highest viewing figures in the Northern Lights segment. 
You have the opportunity to list your company in our recommended list of Aurora providers.

AURORA Provider

In addition to being listed in our recommended register as an Aurora provider, you also get full access to all live cameras and alerting service. Make sure your guests don't miss out on any Aurora action.
$ 25
per month - annual payment
  • Listed as a recommended AURORA provider
  • Direct link to your own booking page or website
  • Boost your visibility by providing the prize for one of our raffles
  • Full Access to all LIVE streams
  • Access to the live studio events
  • Aurora prediction and alarm system
  • Access to our advertising platform to promote your company on different channels

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Our success is based on the reach of our social network.
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Transparency is a key feature for us.

Every month we create reports with detailed information on how often the landing page of a listed provider was visited. We also create statistics about the photos viewed, the alarms sent, the views of the live streams and much more. We send these reports to each provider or make them available in their account data.

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